About the Artist Tan Ruixiang William


Born in 1982, Singapore, William belongs to the generation that is first on advancement in new technology, while on the other hand, the last to really experience the good old days. The rapidness in development changes landscapes quickly as the human eye brings on reflection emotionally, mentally, spiritually…… As an architect, William stands at the front of development and conservation. He wishes to capture the intimate reflections through his paintings. His works are well collected privately and by various public institutions.
William trains under Contemporary Art Master, Mr. Ren Jianhui.

Exhibitions & Publications

2022:                                                                                                                                         24th Ngee Ann Teochew Artists’ Exhibition Nov 2022
23th Ngee Ann Teochew Artists’ Exhibition Jan 2022                                                                2020:                                                                                                                                          22th Ngee Ann Teochew Artists’ Exhibition Jan 2022                                                                2018:
20th Ngee Ann Teochew Artists’ Exhibition 2018
Ngee Ann National Day Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition 2018
Impression Singapore, National Day Art Exhibition at Chinese Cultural Centre 2018
19th Ngee Ann Teochew Artists’ Exhibition 2017
Ngee Ann National Day Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition 2017
Finalist in the Landscape category of The Artist’s Magazine 33rd Annual Art Competition
Ngee Ann National Day Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition 2016
Artists Society of Singapore- Artists Grand Art Exhibition 2015
SG50 National Day Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition
“Arising Star”: FASS Artists Grand Art SG50 Exhibition
Overseas-Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy Exhibition, Beijing, China.
Charcoal Drawing “One Day She’ll Know” featured in American art magazine, Strokes of Genius.
Singapore Arts Exhibition, organized by the Federation of Art Societies (Singapore).
Federation of Art Societies (Singapore) 21st Anniversary Celebrations: Grand Art Exhibition 2013.
Works featured in art publication of Artists Society of Singapore.
Singapore Qingdao Chinese Art Exchange Exhibition.
Featured at Singapore International Art Fair.

“Distinction Award” at the Overseas-Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy Exhibition 2014, Beijing, China.

Education & Qualifications
Msc (Integrated Sustainable Design), National University of Singapore 2018
Registration with Board of Architects 2014
Master of Architecture , National University of Singapore 2009
BA(Architecture) (Hons), National University of Singapore 2007





2018年:参展”20th 潮人艺术展”

参展“国庆书画美展” ( 义安公司主办 ) 2018


2017年:油画《长洲精神》获选参展”19th 潮人艺术展”

油画《海上自在 (大澳)》获选参展“国庆书画美展” ( 义安公司主办 ) 

2016年:油画作品获选参展“国庆书画美展” ( 义安公司主办 )  。

2015年:油画作品《绵绵建国路》获选参展“新加坡金禧50周年国庆书画美展” ( 义安公司主办 )  。油画《继往开来》获选参展由新加坡美术总会主办的“承前启后”SG50:新加坡艺术家作品大展暨建国50周年金禧志庆2015。

2014年: 油画《海上人家》受邀参展“世界华侨华人美术书法展”,并获“佳作奖”。(中国,北京)

2013年: 炭笔素描《有一天你会懂》评选入美国艺术杂志《天才的笔触》。油画作品《景外有境之阳明山》入选“新加坡艺术节展览”(新加坡美术总会主办)。油画《野柳周日风情》获选参展“新加坡美术总会成立21周年纪念展——群玉焕辉艺术大展”。

2012年: 作品编选入新加坡美术家协会大型画册。油画作品《实龙岗路》入选参展“新加坡•青岛书画交流展”。

2009年: 参展“新加坡国际艺术博览会”。